Independence Day Celebration

The Independence Day of India, which is celebrated religiously throughout the Country on the 15th of August every year, holds tremendous ground in the list of national days, since it reminds every Indian about the dawn of a new beginning, the beginning of an era of deliverance from the clutches of British colonialism of more than 200 years. It was on 15th August 1947 that India was declared independent from British colonialism, and the reins of control were handed over to the leaders of the Country. India’s gaining of independence was a tryst with destiny, as the struggle for freedom was a long and tiresome one, witnessing the sacrifices of many freedom fighters, who laid down their lives on the line.

About India

india map

Welcome to India is the name given to the tremendous promontory which the landmass of Asia tosses out toward the south of the superb mountain extends that stretch in a sword like bend over the southern outskirt of Tibet. Formed like an unpredictable quadrilateral, this enormous breadth of domain we call India, merits the name of a subcontinent. Old Geographers alluded to India as being “comprised with a four-overlay adaptation” (chatuh samasthana samsthitam), “on its South and West and East is the Great Ocean, the Himavat range extends along its north like the string of a bow”.ordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!